08.29.10 [Info] More from KBS TV ‘Runaway’ homepage

by jax625

KBS TV ‘Runaway’ homepage- ‘Ji Hoon’ hyung (Rain), his motorcycle, and his leather jacket. Wow ~

Source : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/run/post/real.html
[7:02 AM Aug 28th] 지훈이형과 오토바이..그리고 가죽자켓..캬~
작성자 @moonbeards
작성일 2010년 08월 27일 15:34:13

어제 올리려던..에피소드가 마카오 인터넷 사정 때문에..이제서야 올라갑니다..ㅠㅠ
어제는..너무나 멋있는 하루였습니다..^^
지훈이형과 오토바이..그리고 가죽자켓..캬~^^ㅋㅋ셋의 조합은..환상이더군요..
그리고..정진이형과 형사들..코믹과 액션..그리고 멜로까지..ㅋㅋ너무 다양한 장르를 한번에 보여주는..멋진..하루였습니다..!!
7:02 AM Aug 28th

오늘 에피소드는..어제 저녁이 길어진관계로..ㅠㅠ지금에야 올리네요..^^ㅋㅋ 오늘은..지훈이형과 정진이형의 연기대결.. 각자의 캐릭터에..너무나도 집중하는 모습..진짜로..지훈이형은 도망자였고..정진이형은 형사같더라구요..!!^^ 둘다 너무..멋있고 매력있는..배우들입니다
9:59 AM Aug 27th

[7:02 AM Aug 28th] ‘Ji Hoon’ hyung (Rain), his motorcycle, and his leather jacket. Wow ~

The writer :moonbeards

Date : August 27th, 2010, at 15:34:13

The episode we tired to post yesterday, is finally on the homepage due to problems with our internet..ㅠㅠ

We were having a wonderful day yesterday..^^

‘Ji Hoon’ hyung (Rain), his motorcycle, and his leather jacket. Wow ~^^ ㅋㅋ

The combination of the three gave him a fantastic mood.

While a wide variety of genres, from comedy to action and melodrama, were shown by ‘Jung Jin’ hyung and other actors, whose characters in the drama are detectives, we had a wonderful day yesterday !!

7:02 AM Aug 28th.


The shoot was being dragged out ㅠㅠ, so we’re just posting the episode..^^ㅋㅋ

‘Ji Hoon’ hyung was none other than the Runaway, and ‘Jung Jin’ hyung was like a real detective, when we looked at the two’s meticulous preparation and huge concentratin on their own characters.!!^^

Both of the two are very wonderful actors with a great deal of charm.

9:59 AM Aug 27th.

Source : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/run/post/real.html

Brief translation by rain bird.


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