08.27.10 [Starnews] Runaway is not merely a Korean drama, but an Asian project

by dsl99a

Focus on Rain :

PD ‘Kowak Jung-Howan’ is very sure of himself before the release of ‘Runaway’ which is without doubt late 2010’s most anticipated drama, scheduled to be aired on KBS 2TV at the end of September.

In an international telephone call with Star News, ‘Kowak Jung-Howan’ currently filming the drama in Macau told us, “We don’t fit ‘Runaway’ only under the rule of Korean drama. We do regard this drama as an Asian project.”, which is the ascription of meaning to the press conference promoting Runaway that successfully took place in Macau last 24th.

Continuing, “it is not to be exported abroad due to its high ratings, but challenge to found out how much of Korean drama’s capabilities are represented in Asia beyond just the exports.”

He added, “There was originally a request to hold a press conference from China, but we were in an unavoidable situation where we were so busy that we didn’t have time to do it. There has also been a request from the Philippines that will be the next shooting location. We plan to hold a press conference too if the situation permits.”

With an all star cast from home and abroad, Runaway is the center of attention and has become extremely popular locally and abroad, starring Rain who is not only the best star domestically but also a worldwide famous actor getting to star in a hollywood film.

credit: Star News
Brief transaltion by rain bird
from: rain-cloud

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One Comment to “08.27.10 [Starnews] Runaway is not merely a Korean drama, but an Asian project”

  1. I agree with this statement. This drama covers nearly the most important and significant cities around Asia where most of its inhabitants are scattered around the world. I’m sure this Korean produced drama series will be viewed interestingly enough by people not only in Korea but from people around the world and not only because of it’s international casts but also because of the popular spots that they will see in the series. Therefore this drama to be called a Korean project is indeed an understatement for it is an Asian project as a whole.

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