08.27.10 [Starnews] In Macau participated in by Rain, the press conference promoting Runaway swarms with reporters

by dsl99a

With the heated coverage, a press conference promoting KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama ‘Runaway’ which attracts the attention by starring singer and actor Rain, successfully took place in Macau participated in by PD ‘Kwoak Jung-Howan’, Rain, other actors and actresses, etc.

Tungshinwiro (騰訊娛樂), one of China’s media reports, reported, “The press conference was swarming with more than 60 reporters from more than 40 news organizations, all in a great frenzy to get the story, while there was an extreme amount of focus on Runaway.”

“When Rain appeared at the press conference, the camera flashes went off from everywhere continuously. Extra attention was being focus on the drama because they’ve settled on casting Rain in the lead role, who has entered the hollywood market.”

The media added, “One of the key reasons that the drama draws a lot of media attention is because Rain stars in it, just as we expected.”

Meanwhile, the brand power of the actors including Rain in the drama, is expected to help Korea boost its positive appeal abroad. Runaway will be aired at the end of September.

credit to Star News
Brief translation by rain bird
from: rainhk


One Comment to “08.27.10 [Starnews] In Macau participated in by Rain, the press conference promoting Runaway swarms with reporters”

  1. i belive this drama well make more nizetens well goes crazy die to watch this fugitive k-drama they already have a task of intersting and confident that this well be wilde open to watch how good this drama well be esp when all thoes such good cast in this drama i know for the fact well be another HOTLINE of the years right rain have swram alot attetion by his new look and dran during the press conference i am glad they are looking up for this as well well be see on air on SEPTEMBER 29th ahahaha

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