08.27.10 [News] Behind the drama Fugitive @ KBS.Global

by kajima
  • Press Event Held for ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’ in Macau
  • [2010-08-27]

The soon-to-be-released drama “The Fugitive: Plan B” is drawing great attention not only in Korea but also in Asia with its star-studded cast. A press event for the show was held in Macau on August 24 at the fervent request from the local media.

Some 60 reporters from 40 media outlets flocked to the event attended by director Gwak Jung-hwan and cast stars Rain, Daniel Henney, Lee Jung-jin, Lee Na-young and Yun Jin-seo.

Particularly enthusiastic interest was given to Rain, a global star who has made his name in Hollywood as well as Korea, with a surge of camera flashes going off as he was introduced.

A source at the event said that most of the reporters were excited to see the stars in person. “I felt proud to see how popular and sought-after Korean stars are,” he added.

“The Fugitive: Plan B” is written by Chun Seung-il, who is once again to work with director Kwak after their recent mega-hit KBS2 drama “The Slave Hunters.” It will succeed “Bread, Love and Dreams” in late September.

Writer: KBSi Jin Yeong-ju
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One Comment to “08.27.10 [News] Behind the drama Fugitive @ KBS.Global”

  1. i know for sure this new drama well global wide as intertional already know that alot good cast in this drama it well be an eye catching dram for
    sure and i going to say it well be amazing one ever but, i also
    know their alot of release but for me i only intersting in this fugitive to many hot issue to see so well said that gotta have and watch no matter what am in ekekekekek !!!!

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