08.22.10 [Pics] Rain Filming Fugitive In Macau

by dsl99a

Ooh…his character will be riding bikes! *swoon*

Credit: as tagged


5 Comments to “08.22.10 [Pics] Rain Filming Fugitive In Macau”

  1. *SIGH*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! i am so *swoon *
    as min i saw this pict i am so to die* gosh the drama must even more overwhiling then expected and yes i would love to be behind his back and just wrap my arm around that wase of him feel the frim of rain tight with that sexy body WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!! i getting exzcited see this ahahahah can i join the riding to rain ??? (?__?)

  2. Could he get any sexier?!……………………..

  3. OMG! The sexiest man alive riding a bike!
    @bialamode… Yes he could! Let’s take his leather jacket off hahaha.

  4. He looks so fine and sexy !!!! Damn can he be any HOTTER !!!

  5. I agree, he’s the sexiest man alive in a bike, of all things sexy !

    yes, he can. If he’ll just get down and take off his shirt in front of us. Woot ! ! Woot ! ! haha ! !

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