08.26.10 [Newsen] Picture of Rain Fanning A Female Staff Attracts Attention of Netizens

by dsl99a

Some pictures taken from the set of drama Runaway are attracting the attention of netizen.

In particular, a picture of Rain fanning for a female staff is a favorite.

Netizens who saw the picture commented on it,

“What kind of good work did she do in her former life to get such a good luck?”

“I strongly feel that I want to be the one who can be treated in such a special way by Rain, like her.”

“He’s handsome, and he also has a heart of gold. He is the star of stars none the more.”

“I’m anxiously awaiting the day Runaway is aired. Hope Runaway to be a smash hit!”

Meanwhile, Runaway in which Rain plays the main role is expected to mark a new departure again in the field as expectations are tremendous for the romantic comedy drama with its dynamic plot line and chase scenes being filmed on location in each of Asian cities, it’ll be aired at the end of September.

credit: Newsen
Brief translation by rain bird
from: rainhk


4 Comments to “08.26.10 [Newsen] Picture of Rain Fanning A Female Staff Attracts Attention of Netizens”

  1. She’s really lucky and not only being fanned but had eye to eye contact with Rain while chatting plus Rain’s other hand was around her shoulder… Lucky yoja…

  2. I agree……..she’s one damned lucky staffer. If RAIN was my boss I would be in HEAVEN!!

  3. Awww! He’s even got his arm around her, as if to comfort her. How sweet! ^___^ Nice job, Rain! A true gentleman! *two thumbs up*

  4. I know. He’s fanning her because he’s much taller than her, she couldn’t keep up with him, he’s way too tall. Poor girl ! So Rain took the fan right out of her and fan both themselves. Anyway, kudos to Rain, he’s really nice to anyone regardless.

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