08.25.10 [Pics] New Official “S1. Plan B” Cast Pictures

by dsl99a

Source: KBS

Recap by ratoka


5 Comments to “08.25.10 [Pics] New Official “S1. Plan B” Cast Pictures”

  1. WoW~

    Great pics! Thanks for posting.

    AHAHA!! LJJ. really handsome.

  2. Rain is dashinf as ever and so tall…Le Jung Jin and Daniel are handsome…That is one lucky lady being fanned by Rain huh!

  3. oppp…*dashing…and Lee not Le…

  4. Can be Daniel more dashing and manly? think nooooooot. and Rain is better that ever!

  5. WOWOWOW!!!
    ALL HOTNESS GUY my man is here i love Daneil he look so handsome here waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    that cloes up very making sppeeeeeccchhhhllleeesssssssssss i want to date him so bad and man my man rain so looking good that ji-woo right their !!!! ahhahahaha….
    LJJ i love his expression here so cute yet dashing too that eye and tan make me want to hug him about all 3 guy under my arm ekekeke agree!!! 🙂

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