08.25.10 [News]Rain Fugitive Press conference in Macau

by kajima

 Rain proves his brand power at the press conference promoting Runaway in Macau.

Rain has proved his brand power at the press conference promoting Runaway in Macau.

On August 24th, a production report conference of KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama Runaway (Fugitive) that Rain’ll make his comeback on, was held in Macau.

With PD ‘Kowak Jung-Howan’, Rain, Lee Na-Young, Daniel Henney, Lee Jung-Jin, Yun Jin-Seo, etc. in attendance, more than 60 reporters from 40 news organizations swarmed the conference.

PD ‘Kowak Jung-Howan’ said, “I think Macau called as Las Vegas in the East, is a pretty attractive place.” “I’ve been enjoying filming a lot.”

It was Rain himself who received most attention at the day’s press conference for around one hour.

One person from Runaway officials said, “Every reporter was pleasantly surprised to find that he or she was able to meet directly with Rain to carry coverage. I felt great pride when the place was swarming with reporters trying to cover Korean stars, all in a great frenzy to get the story.”

Continuing, “Before the drama begins, a lot of Asian countries such as Japan, China and so on have expressed interest in our drama, asking on what’s going on. I think the reason for this is because Rain who is gaining wide-spread popularity, stars in the drama.”

He added, “We are too concerned with filming the drama to spend time doing other things, but we came to hold a press conference to meet the firm requests from Chinese speaking reporters who can’t just let Rain visiting Macau after a long absence, get away.”

Meanwhile, Runaway starring Rain will be aired at the end of September.

Brief translation by rain bird.
from rain-eu

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