08.24.10 [Pics] More from “S1. Plan B” Press Conference

by jax625

credits: takungpao, raincloudhk, wenweipo, metrohk, appledaily , 21cn


2 Comments to “08.24.10 [Pics] More from “S1. Plan B” Press Conference”

  1. OH MY HE IS SO STUNNING HERE LOVE THE CLASSIC OUTFIT TOO ahahahah did he die his or just the light their anway that kissable lip ahahahah i beath taking when ever he did that post killing me 1min
    he is look laushious some suit he wear that was so attractive rain who desingner and wear it own dran is he very the more i see rain in this praticular i am speechhhhhhhhlesssssss of him.
    yup i do love rain in tan he look more sexyer i think i love it rain would u?? 🙂

  2. Rain is gorgeous…he looked so good in suits or should I say the suits looks good on him…And whoever made that suit was awesome…the design’s unique.

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