08.23.10 [Pics] Official Pictures of Fugitive Casts

by dsl99a

Credit//moonbeards twitter
From//memo rain blog


8 Comments to “08.23.10 [Pics] Official Pictures of Fugitive Casts”

  1. Daniel Henney you are handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • First is Daniel Phillip Henney, and then … there are other handsome men.
      I’m absolutely sure of that, trust me!


  2. Huh? Where’s Takako? ;-;

  3. Oh! Daniel is gorgeous!

  4. Daneil very have that mature look that the guy i deeply fall for but, sorry i in love with rain whiches i could alway in my dream ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where the world have
    trun around i hope the luck have change !!! but, daneil i love u too u are so handsome guy and i know your well be love by many women actually their is over a traffic sunk my you already ekekek you look so good here the reading glass make u look so different ahahahah 🙂

  5. daniel henney is so handsome! OMG!! really really handsome 😀
    anyway, who’s the woman last pic?

  6. Hello charming ~Daniel~

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