08.23.10 [Pic] Rain Relaxing On Fugitive Set

by dsl99a

Credit: as tagged // DC


3 Comments to “08.23.10 [Pic] Rain Relaxing On Fugitive Set”

  1. Sexy babe taking a break………looking all MANLY and relaxed!………Love it!

  2. so captavating right yup he soooooooooooo sexy what ever ENGEL he is he still sexy far out in ahahahha rain is the most sexy guy on EARTH i though he broking record for ha ha ha !!!
    DAM !!! O.o EVEN JUST SE THEIR AND RELAX COOL DOWN FROM THE SUN !! RAIN very make me drop my nervious ahahah i could brealy breath looking at him he is so clock back his body never age a bit the manly mature he get the the sexyer he become am telling you he well remind like for the rest his life.
    my vocies whjen i talk he well be deep under my SPILLL ah ah aha !!!!!!!!!!!!!! aging that right rain?????????

  3. Whew! My man’s looking good as ever and so relaxed. Good to see him in this mood.

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