08.01.10 [Pics] Rain Filming Fugitive In Beijing

by dsl99a

*So handsome!! *swoon*

Credit: as tagged


4 Comments to “08.01.10 [Pics] Rain Filming Fugitive In Beijing”

  1. Yes Deb! So handsome! So gorgeous, He could take your breath away… All i could do is *sigh*

  2. MERCY (**Sigh**)!!!!!

  3. i agree 100%
    ** SIGh* 🙂 he gettttttttttttttttttttt soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo raggerdly handsomer then it was *swooon* i am get jelious rain ahahahah that pict picture on boy i am melthing away here see that beauitful of his facial look here i just want pull him and MUCK MUCK MUCK !!! until it even reder ohhh his lip is pink i guess i overkiss him to much HE HE HE !!! :p) MIND MIND MIND !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. THE 3 DOWN pict their is from beijing debi just let know that all 08-07-10

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