08.21.10 [Pics] Rain filming Fugitive in Beijing

by jax625

credit: 爱雨妈咪 @ Baidu Rainbar

3 Comments to “08.21.10 [Pics] Rain filming Fugitive in Beijing”

  1. the towering height, his aura, his good looks…everything in him is awesome….this person is simply amazing that you can’t get enough of him, you keep wanting for more…

  2. MAN i very can”t wait to see rain in this drama their alot cast in this fugitive and all of them very come from different country working with rain for 5 long years differenly going to be a awesome and fun flim in one shot this is what rain call for it his lengendry of JI-WOO
    comeback he not just bring hot cast in this drama but, himself even carring on his line ahahha well rain i know that i well glue my butt, and watch this drama but i very want see the teaser soon !!!

  3. I second that pluie625. He stands above the crowd. His towering presence is so amazing and his good looks is captivating. Now wonder people kept gawking at him to take a good look. I would be stunned for sure. Nevermind the crowd and the heat, I would be one of them spectators if I were in Beijing. He is worth it.

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