08.21.10 [Pic] Rain & Kai Di Yang (Chinese actress) on set of Fugitive in China

by jax625

合作愉快(2010-08-21 00:27:46)


CN to EN by scorpiola

Good co-operation (2010-08-21 00:27:46)

Post some pics from work randomly, but I am still quite admire foreign friends’ efficiency, fast, accurate, stable, and orderly. They are efficient but amazing, worth us to learn from. I hope we also can absorb fast and can grow fast. A lot of RAIN fans came on the shooting day, but according to the Korean staff, their management agency is studying from Hollywood’s star management method, which doesn’t allow their stars to be taking photos/videos by fans when they’re working, I bet a lot of fans felt lost on their way home. RAIN was very kind in person, kept smiling. He had to say his lines in Chinese, they were not bad. Anyway, in overall this exotic business trip was quite happy.

Credit: As tagged // Raincloudhk


4 Comments to “08.21.10 [Pic] Rain & Kai Di Yang (Chinese actress) on set of Fugitive in China”

  1. Not to sound like a pervert but i can see his nipples through his shirt XD

  2. I was smiling while looking at the picture, the girl seems like she wanted to lean on him but stopped and said, “no I better not” hahaha…and I’m dying of jealousy here huh!

    @vanessaly… dont’ worry girl you’re not alone thinking pervert thoughts sometimes hehehehe…

  3. ahahah u too my i jion the clun tooo sound pervert right well doen guys i have theat monemt too who tell his flip it off even though it not ahhahahah i though i have run my finger all over until his tan already ha ha haa !!! that right he tan and sexyer ahah slim still not to bad

  4. How nice of Rain to take a picture with this Chinese actress. Very accommodating, aren’t we, Rain ? Good. Take 5.

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