08.17.10 [Osen]Rain’s surprise appearance on KBS ‘Men’s Qualifying’ attracts attention

by jax625

World star Rain made a surprise appearance on KBS 2TV variety show ‘Happy Sunday’s one section ‘Men’s Qualifying’ where its regular panel members advanced to the finals of a band competition last July.

On the day of the finals (July 11th), it was impossible for the members even to rehearse due to their own TV or musical schedules, even in an urgent situation with just hours before the competition.

In particular, actor ‘Lee Jung-Jin’ was to have a tense situation where he had to return to Korea, 3 hours before the competition when he was staying in Japan because of the ‘Runaway’ shooting.

At this point, Rain filming the drama with ‘Lee Jung-Jin’, materialized at the side of ‘Lee Jung-Jin’ who was preparing for returning to the country.

After saying hi to the viewers, “Hi , I’m ‘Jung Ji-Hoon’ filming drama ‘Runaway’ with ‘Jung-Jin’ hyung.”, Rain sent his greetings to them, “As a viewer of the program, ‘Men’s Qualifying’, I’m cheering the panel members.”

Then, when ‘Lee Jung-Jin’ asked Rain to explain his tense situation by saying, ” ‘Ji-Hoon’, I’m working under difficult conditions, right?, Rain chatted him up, saying “Absolutely not.”

Also, Rain gave one reminder to ‘Lee Jung-Jin’ who was trying to leave for the airport with haste, “Hyung! You should not cause a trouble for others!”

Meanwhile, ‘Lee Jung-Jin’ alone flew in from Japan and managed to enter the country an hour before the competition, after that he safely arrived at the place where the competition took place.

credit to Osen http://news.naver.com/main/read. … &aid=0002130080

Brief translation by rain bird.


3 Comments to “08.17.10 [Osen]Rain’s surprise appearance on KBS ‘Men’s Qualifying’ attracts attention”

  1. i glad rain give him an headup for everything and rain very confort LJJ that was very nice of rain to not let LJJ stress out even he have this arrival to be their but what i see they r close enought to share a though together and i glad LJJ is maked to his disantion too

    • @ Jax,Thanks for posting!

      @ kongsao,
      wowow ^ ^ thanks so much hehe~

      i agree with you.

      LJJ. shows Playing guitar bass on this episode.

  2. @kajiama
    ahahah thank u so much yup i see LJJ playing a quator he so handsome in here i was shock that i neve know he is wowo ihe is not just handsome but talen too he & rain differenly become best know star ahahah 2 korean man i love u saraghae <33333 HUG!!!B :P)

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