08.15.10 [New] Rain photos

by jax625

Rain is seen here in his ‘Fugitive’ clothes (and I think that is Lee Jung Jin in the 4th frame talking with Rain???…correct me if I’m wrong ^^)
I’m hoping these are screenshots from an upcoming interview, but no other info was provided with them…will update when we know more!

source: naver


4 Comments to “08.15.10 [New] Rain photos”

  1. Thank you so much Jax!

  2. your welcome Kajima!!!! xoxo

  3. u r right and same FUGITIVE cloth and that is LJJ talking here
    is these two cute they seeme to have alot in commen and i think they r good firend too man don”t u know how much i itching to watch this drama now!!!
    thank for sharing JAX HUG !!!

  4. i love him when wearing black…so sexy

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