08.15.10 [EngTrans] Rain & Lee Jung Jin on “Men Qualifying”

by jax625

**Updated w/ longer clip**

-‘Lee Jung-Jin’ filming Runaway in Japan’s Osaka –

Lee’s manager : You have only 5 hours to take part in the contest,.
You’re probably remembering the cord of the sound?

Lee : I know nothing of it. I don’t remember anything.


Lee : (to Rain) Do you have any words for me?

Please talk about what I’m ernest in my endeavors.


Rain : I’m ‘Jung Ji-Hoon’ filming ‘Runaway’ with ‘Jung-Jin’ hyung.

As a viewer of the program, “Men’s Qualifying”, I’m cheering the panel members.

Hope they’ll successfully perform.


Lee : ‘Jin-Hoon’, I’m working under difficult conditions, right?


Rain : Absolutely not. (No)


Lee : If you’re going to do things that way, I’ll refuse to permit (the contest)


(Neither threats nor placation had any effect on Rain)

Rain : (Doing what he believes he must do) I just tried really hard.


Rain : (Shouting after Lee) Hyung! You should not cause a trouble for others (he did a beautiful number on Lee)

** ‘Lee Jung-Jin’ is currently appearing in several different TV programs including the Runaway shooting.

credit to rain-cloud

source: fugitive625@youtube

Brief translation by rain bird.


2 Comments to “08.15.10 [EngTrans] Rain & Lee Jung Jin on “Men Qualifying””

  1. ahahahah these 2 very have cute talking here see rain even say he good hard work love how rain react on him and LJJ seme to shy and walk away eheheheheh even though they have become so cloes lately don”t u think they two r loyal to each i think so!!!

  2. What a handsome dude! Rain that is. I mean Lee Jung Jin too, no doubt about it. Both are good looking dudes. This always happens to me…. I rattle when I see handsome men in front of me. Lol. I pass out when I see them in person. hahaha ! ! ! jk jk jk ! ! ! Seriously, Korean men give me the hawwtttttsss, and this is not related to hormonal changes or degeneration but rather overactive sexual hormones. Lol. These men just tickle my nerves to outward proportions in varying degrees. Can’t get enough of them, of course most especially the leader of the pack – that is, Rain.

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