08.12.10″Josie Ho” Runaway Surprise Appearance

by kajima

[China Paris Hilton] “Josie Ho” Runaway Surprise Appearance.

Josie Ho , brown eyes global brand launch party and patrons are invited to the concert stage to present a passionate and daring performance of China “Paris Hilton”.

the daughter of Macau billionaire Stanley Ho,Father  Stanley Ho in Macau , as well as one of Asia’s richest person, Forbes magazine estimated assets of 10 billion dollars with him in 2009 of the 701 people who live in the world, the most well laid on .

Particularly ‘ Runaway ‘ already in China and Japan’s National Boat wooin jeungjiwi and Naoto TakenakaWere cast , covering China, Japan blockbuster casting has become a hot topic .

Meanwhile, the ‘ Fugitive ‘ the Korea War and the astronomical amounts of money have disappeared 60 years later, appeared in 2010 as the world going back to draw the story , Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama , Shanghai, Beijing , Macau , Hong Kong , Thailand, Philippines Spread in other Asian cities with thrilling chase for viewers is expected to provide a variety of things .

Source : Fugitive daum.net

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