08.12.10 [Pic] Rain & Lee Jung Jin on ‘Fugitive’ Set in Beijing

by jax625

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10 Comments to “08.12.10 [Pic] Rain & Lee Jung Jin on ‘Fugitive’ Set in Beijing”

  1. LJJ always has on the coolest sneaks!!! Love his style in this drama even though it is casual…I picture him dressing like this at home too ^^ either way im sure he doesn’t mind the comfy clothes to film in every day!!!!

  2. oh….so handsome @.@ thanks for the vid kajima!!!!!

  3. @kijima
    thank for sharing this LJJ so handsome here he is totally mature ahahaha i love his smile too the haie so sexy on him :P)

    • @ jax,kongsao.

      haha.you see he had wearing same shoes same jeans.i don’t know he had a time to takes a bath or not haha..hahaha.

      Today he appears in Shanghai.Very Busy!!

      Please Take Care yourself my dear! Lee Jung Jin Fighting!!!!!

  4. @kijima
    ahahahahahaha :P) ROFL u got thast right ahahhahaaaaaaaaa as soon he finish inteiew with them he went staright to shower and and a very freshup look honesly i am like this guy i think if he askinm me out i wouls say yes hey kongsao who do u have in mind???? rain LJJ or daneil???? ohhh man 3 sexy fineass man i just sooooooooooooo death here can somebody tell me??? :P)

  5. @kijima
    yes dare we both can be his ladies ekekeke u & me love these guy i very want to have a date with all 3 of them ekekek LJJ in morning ~ Daneil afternoon ~ rain at Night their sound fair to all 3 guy ahahah then i well be death by morning HE HE HE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 :P) @__@

    • HAHAHAHA!!! Kongsao Fighting!!!!!!

      me..Daniel is my breakfast,Rain is my lunch and…LJJ is my dinner…hahahahah

      how am i so lucky lady to all 3 guys kekekekekekeke!!!!

      @ Jax,you not kick me out hahhaha..i just means only their smiles…….

      only hhhaha!!!

  6. @kajima
    aAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i agree we both can trade these guy at different time plus we them 24/7
    that would be a tresure for us and they can be our dectective man everwhere we goes esp when their nobody graud here they 3 dectived r hire ekekekekk and and each of the have their own position as
    for rain he know as an NINJ ASSASSIN he can kick some ass~

    for LJJ he is good in gunshot awawwaw love that reiw of him

    as Danieil he very sexy comfort man he can be a treaker ahahah i have no clue here but, i have to give
    them a credit who tell them to in one drama i am swollen over the 3 hotness man

    @jax i agree with kijima u not going to kick me out too right we just mean only their smie too !!! SMILE……. 🙂

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