08.12.10 [MyDaily] How has the all-star cast of Runaway starring Rain been accomplished?

by jax625

Interest in upcoming drama Runaway with only a month to go before the broadcast, goes well beyond imagination. The spark of its all-star cast was stars’ faith in the drama and their expectations for it.

Rain’s agent said, “Rain expressed satisfaction with the outstanding part of this drama that is its well-organized plot. He seemed to think that there wouldn’t be any problem at all regarding making his comeback on the drama since he is back from a long break.”

When such a top star decided to appear in the drama, there was a synergy that happened to get many others stars at home and abroad wanting to appear in it.

Runaway officials said, “We guess they’ve shown interest in their appearances in the drama as Korean dramas are in the spotlight in Asian markets under the influence of the Korean Wave.

In addition, they sometimes expressed their intentions to appear in the drama by their judgement on what they appear in it that could all combine to have an enormous positive impact on their future because the protagonist of the drama Rain is particularly winning popular acclaim abroad.”

Actually, actress ‘Uehara Takako’ and actor and director and comedian ‘Dakenaka Naoto’ from Japan, actor and director ‘Jeung Ji Wi’ and actress and singer ‘Josie Ho’ from Hong Kong, etc. have decided to appear in the drama.

Once, there were talks with internationally famous actor ‘Jackie Chan’ about whether to appear in the drama or not by his acquaintance with Rain, but his hope for the drama was disappointed by an unavoidable problem with his schedule at that time.

credit to My Daily http://news.nate.com/view/20100812n13188?mid=e0101

Brief translation by rain bird.


2 Comments to “08.12.10 [MyDaily] How has the all-star cast of Runaway starring Rain been accomplished?”

  1. wowowo this is amazing new of these new FUGITIVE RUNWAY K-DRAMA well coming soon !!
    and their all have such a good ploit of their acting cast i am happy to hear everbody love working with rain even thought he have no break from his comback but, it been 5 years long that rain have got any release of k-drama now that he is have obne and bradcast next MONTH we know it well be a world intertional going to see this drama i myself already agree it amazing flim. just have to bare what else they shooting while it still more to flim hoprfully it is long serious i very expected 20 epi but, i doub coz most it either 16 or less their alot cast and the filmin took about 3 month so please it more eps then exptect hope so!!!!!

  2. Having known for a fact that Korean dramas are comparatively speaking, just about the best in the business, I’m sure The Fugitive will be well accepted by people all over; especially since in it were a cast of famous celebrities in Korea, Japan and China. Just the name of Rain being in the cast will attract soap opera enthusiasts from all over Asia and the whole world for that matter. The drama has an international flare, almost like a James Bond scenario, and the eyecatching scenes of different cities in Asia has been established; therefore it will not be difficult to sell this drama to the people around the globe. I’m sure and I’m keeping my fingers crossed, that once this drama is televised around the world especially to KBS World subscribers, the ratings will go up the roof. It’s as if we will be watching a 16 hour long movie or even longer than that. Honestly I prefer to see Rain in drama series because this way, I’ll get to see him longer. I just hope the “romance part” is not heartbreaking for us; fewer kissing scenes and I hope he does not kiss too deadly like in ALTK. (one reason why I didn’t like that drama).

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