08.12.10 Chinese Singer/Actress Josie Ho joins Runaway

by kajima

Josie Ho to appear in upcoming TV series “Domangja s1” Chinese singer and actress Josie Ho will be joining the star-studded cast of upcoming KBS TV series “Domangja s1,” according to a press release by the show’s producer on Thursday. Ho will be making an appearance as the role of the Chinese character Hwai, who chases after Ji-hoo, played by Korean superstar Rain.

“I am happy that I will be able to introduce myself to the Korean audience through this drama,” Ho was quoted as saying. Ho is the fourth foreign actress to join the cast after Japanese actor Takenaka Naoto, Japanese singer and actress Uehara Takako and Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang.

They will be sharing the small screen with multi-talented entertainer Rain, Daniel Henney, Lee Jung-jin, Lee Na-young, Kong Hyung-jin and Yoon Son-ha. “Domangja s1,” about a hefty sum of money popping up sixty years after it disappeared in times of the Korean war, will be directed by noted TV producer Kwak Jung-hwan and written by Chun Sung-il, the creative duo behind the hit KBS TV series “The Slave Hunters” (2010).

Filming for the drama has taken in various Asian cities including Japan, Shanghai, Beijing, Macau and Hong Kong. Josie Ho, 35, the daughter of billionaire Stanley Ho, has appeared in numerous movies, TV commercials, dramas and singing performances. She is well known for her roles in the award-winning films Purple Storm (1999), Butterfly (2004) and Exiled (2006). “Domangja s1” is scheduled to premiere at the end of September.

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One Comment to “08.12.10 Chinese Singer/Actress Josie Ho joins Runaway”

  1. She joined the show probably bcoz of rain or rain was the one who recomended her.

    Still remember she was on Rain’s LOR concert in HK back then.

    Why is everybody chasing Rain?
    Is he the fugitive? At the same time a detective?
    I cant get the picture jst yet o.O

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