08.10.10 [Newsen]Daniel Henney and Lee Na-young share a kiss

by jax625

*wow, this pic is making headlines ^^

A goodnight kiss, to be exact. Daniel Henney plays the gentle protector to Lee Na-young in the upcoming action drama Runaway, which is a character type I’ve nicknamed “The Bae Soo-bin” in my mind. Then again, it’s a familiar role for Henney as well, so maybe I should just call it The Henney.

In the drama, his character is a wealthy shipping magnate named Kai who loves Jin-yi (Lee). She in turn deliberately approaches Ji-woo (Rain) for her own goals, which remain a mystery to us.

In this scene, Kai gives Jin-yi a “loving kiss” on the forehead, although reportedly the two actors stood back and traded embarrassed laughs as as soon as the “cut” notice was given by the director.

This is Lee Na-young’s first drama in six years, ever since Ireland in 2004. Daniel Henney’s last kdrama was 2006′s Spring Waltz. Both have done movies in the interim, such as Sad Dream and Dad Likes Women in her case, and My Father and X-Men Origins: Wolverine in his.

Runaway is a romantic-comedy action series created by the PD and writer of Chuno, and will air on KBS in September.



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