08.09.10 [News] ‘Runaway’ attracting a lot of attention even before broadcasting

by jax625

– Runaway part –

A tabulation of portal site ‘Nate’ during the first week of August 2010 (July 30~August 5) shows that drama Runaway (or Fugitive, 도망자) was ranked as the most searched item in Korea with many anonymous internet users for 2 days

‘Runaway’ starring Rain is a tale that takes place while a large sum of money which disappeared in 1950 on the Korean War reappears in 2010, 60 years have passed since then, and the drama has been attracting a lot of attention even before it begins broadcasting as Rain’s come to play in it with actress ‘Lee Na-Young’.

This week, a picture of ‘Lee Na-Young’ and ‘Daniel Henney’ was released and caught netizens’ eyes.

credit to Data news http://www.datanews.co.kr/site/datanews/DTWork.asp?itemIDT=1002910&aID=20100806232646017

Brief translation by rain bird.


One Comment to “08.09.10 [News] ‘Runaway’ attracting a lot of attention even before broadcasting”

  1. Comment by terisa sao 1 second ago Delete Comment wwowowow it was a best article of this fugitive and i can”t not wait until the day have bradcasing ahahah i going to say it well be a big hit for sure and i prouds that this new drama very hit the netizents and the world well be eye on these for sure i am impress yeah go rain u us what u got eheheh love this !!

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