08.08.10 [New] Lee Jung Jin & Rain behind the scenes of ‘Fugitive’ in Beijing

by jax625

** please note, there are no larger sizes of these pics available at this time, but we will update if any are released! ~

source: DC Gallery


11 Comments to “08.08.10 [New] Lee Jung Jin & Rain behind the scenes of ‘Fugitive’ in Beijing”

  1. Thank you for this update Jax. I really needed a laugh.

    Btw, “I love it when you call me big oppa. Put yo hands in the airya like youse a true playa.”

  2. HAHAHA!!!! @lovetripbeat i am still lmao over this one!

  3. thanks ..kisses from Brazil

  4. @roket
    Lmao u are suck ROFL here i about to have crak over this see r making me flip over and craking up here !!!!
    mind these two here they inlove as a pravite world ahahah but, it already exist see they even cum up all of us here oh did he say babe whiches mean me tooo ekekeke !!!
    ahahah these 2 have broke the record already that was fast i well post to my borad with new anouncement ekekek FOFL

  5. oh btwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! u miss something
    honey i am so loney tonight after this u mind come over sent we so together here my hand is itching and i need u to come over ahahaha rocket u got me into this silly thing i ok !! well be wating at front door ahahah !!

  6. hahaha…this must be the one reported in the fan account where Rain pulls Lee jung jin and proved to the fans that he is indeed taller…hahahaha…
    RAIN LOOKS SO FINESSE!!!…I wanna HUG him!!!!!

    thanks for sharing!!

  7. Bwahahaha….too funny rocket!!! Love it!!

    Btw Jax, LOVE your profile picture, hehe…^ ^

  8. seems LJJ becomes the happiest guy ever to be with Rain LOL

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