08.06.10 [Pics] ‘Fugitive’ Fan Art Friday

by jax625


FUGITIVE Fan Art Friday is here (sorry so late!), thanks for all the submissions (& some were found online!)…if you don’t see yours here this week, then it will be in our post next week! (We will only be posting a few at a time due to size & page loading times)

credit: kongsao, juliette@DC, soompi

**please make sure to sign your art so that you will get proper credit for all your hard work if it’s re-upped somewhere else as well ♥


7 Comments to “08.06.10 [Pics] ‘Fugitive’ Fan Art Friday”

  1. The second on is hawt. Is that an offical picture? I mean just the Lee NaYoung and Rain part, not the stuff around them. I can’t tell.

    • not sure…that one i found on soompie with the other, but nobody signed their work @.@ If that first pic is anyone’s and you want credit PLEASE let us know so we can add you! It’s really cool….but I think its a LNY pic with Rain’s head added…I could be wrong though! Ok, back to bed I go…

  2. @kongsao,i really ♥ your art work.★★★★★

    Thanks for sharing.!


    Last week,i found this pics in Chineses site add credit to DC.Gallery, but nobody signed their work too.sorry for lately post .^ ^*

    *** http://upic.me/i/eg/4534253b61be46d715cecb9c.jpg **

  3. Wow! These are fantastic! So much creative talent out there. Have a great weekend, everyone!

  4. I am still LOL’ing at the random Rain in the air in the 2nd pic kajima posted….hhahahahahahahaha, good stuff ^o^

    thanks for posting these kajima ❤

  5. @jax
    hey dare i have 5 more i just fan art it i was want if i can sent to u and post or u want to post next firday ???
    please resopne thank !!
    thank u dare actually i am not that good don”t u see it to colorful here i feel like i am off but i glad u like it more to come soon.

  6. Kongsao…love your work…got talent there, my friend.

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