08.04.10 [Old] Rain on ‘Runaway’ set in Japan

by jax625

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5 Comments to “08.04.10 [Old] Rain on ‘Runaway’ set in Japan”

  1. Rain, are we catching you yawning? Poor thing, must be so exhausted….

  2. Yeah, he must be exhausted…

  3. aww poor Rain, he must be exhausted plus the weather too….but it’s so cute!

  4. It sure looks like he’s yawning. If I had to bet money, I’d say he was yawning.

    but I wanna draw everyone’s attention to the most hilarious thing I’ve *seen* all day:

  5. he differinly is yawning he seeme to very tried under the hot weather and top of this rain been shooting morning afternoon and even evening it telling rain must not very good sleep enought btw…
    that why he been eat alot lately coz, he need to keep himself active asnd i pretty sure rain well have to tap himself and say i must finish my film.
    that right rain is humble indeed but i very felt bad for him work way to much his humble never fall under his workalcholic rain dare took a rest after this ok oh btw i read on other it say fans even brough a hole boxs of vitimins for rain so he should be took care and fine now this in japan ahahahah !!!

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