08.03.10 [PhotoFun] FUGITIVE Fill-ins

by jax625

Welcome to our very first FUGITIVE fill-ins! We thought it might be fun to feature a different photo every couple of weeks with some blank speech bubbles & have you guys fill in what you think they might be saying or thinking ^-^

The only rules to this are to have fun, and don’t get too crazy with it since there is no age limit to this blog and also,we don’t want to offend anyone…most importantly the cast!

All you have to do is save the photo below to your own computer and use a photo editing program to type in whatever you’d like in the speech bubbles. You don’t need anything too fancy, even PAINT has this option or if you’d like to edit it right online, I’d recommend picnik.com…my personal fave ^^

When you are done adding your text, then email the photo back to us at fugitive625@live.com! We will post your submissions next week…so stay tuned!

~ have fun…we can’t wait to see all your pics!


9 Responses to “08.03.10 [PhotoFun] FUGITIVE Fill-ins”

  1. @rocket
    @__@ omoooo.!!!
    u differinly make me have a cum here 🙂
    well honey i just finish my shooting would u love me to massage you and after 30min contiune our scrip it a long line to be shooting next day right honey !!!! ahahhahaha!!!

  2. Thanks @kajima and @kongsao. You guys should make your own and email them to jax to be posted (I only posted mine here to give an idea of what it should look like, since not everyone who posts on here is familiar with the idea of photoshopping pictures like this). I wanna see what everyone else comes up with! ❤ This a really cute idea, and I would like to see it as a regular thing while we're still in production. <3<3<3

  3. HAHAHA!!!thanks rocket for putting up an example ^o^

  4. So funny rocket!!! Hehehe…

    I’m excited to see what all everyone else will do…^ ^


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