Let’s Take a Break !!

by kajima


Fanmade MV.Fugitive 2010 ( behind the scence)

  CLICK :   http://www.56.com/p2_100358985.swf

Credit Pics to  All Rain Japanese & Chinese Fans.

Created MV. by kajima

Full size :  876 x 667

 Double Click :  http://upic.me/i/v1/2o100.jpg

** Full Size 640 x 360 **
Double Click : 

** Full Size 640 x 480 **
Double Click : 

** Full Size 552 x 700 **
Double Click : 


5 Comments to “Let’s Take a Break !!”

  1. thanks for sharing kajima! nice job ^^

  2. kajima, you’re so good in creating these. thanks for sharing…you’re really sweet.

  3. @kajima
    OMG!!!! i very love u art u are awesome too u very have a beauitful creative make my day and i love so much HUG !!! HUG!!!! u make me so impress and thank you for dropping the fan art i add to blog too so sweet 33

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