08.03.10 [Pics] Rain on ‘Runaway’ set in Beijing

by jax625


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6 Comments to “08.03.10 [Pics] Rain on ‘Runaway’ set in Beijing”

  1. Nice Pics Clouds^^ Thanks for sharing!!

    Have a great day (*^_^*)

  2. awwaaawaw!!!!! sexy back !!! @__@ rain been show alot these got to peek it eheheh.
    rain very look a real detective man here i love his cloes up look very he see to enjoy by the poun of the lateright their relaxing and cool of himself i see that beauitdul hair tree
    it remind back agao i tied them togeher and get a swing a long time it was very fun back then. he look so nice here i see the bite again now i am so curious about the scene of rain ridding a bike it make rain look like a boy next door intersting film.

  3. Thanks for sharing these photos. Anything about Rain is appreciated.

  4. Oh,I just love Rain’s back…

  5. yay! lots of sexy back again…look at those broad shoulders, wouldn’t you want to lean on them????

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