08.03.10 [Pics] Rain & Lee Jung Jin

by dsl99a

So funny! ^ ^

credit: dc
from: RAIN Germany


21 Comments to “08.03.10 [Pics] Rain & Lee Jung Jin”

  1. <3<3 Aww aren't they the cutest couple ever! <3<3

    It looks like Rain is desperately trying to fight a smile back, but isn't succeeding very well, and LJJ looks like he couldn't be happier with his man xD

    Am I the only person hypnotized by Rain's crotch in this picture?

  2. haha, i totally posted this too, oooops. Thanks Deb! I posted it on your FB too, hehe

    These 2 have a SERIOUS bromance going on, LOVE IT!

    I think they did this pic for height comparison, don’t ya think? Looks like they are the same…but hard to tell with the hair.

    Ummm, Rain, would you like some help with that button? @.@

    holy smokes…gotta get outta this comment box before things get real bad, HAHA!


  3. Am really laughing at Rain’s expression here…really cute-both of them, and Deb couldn’t have said it any better.(lol) Btw, is this where he wore the red undies? …still laughing…

  4. …or shall I rephrase it?…is this w/the red undies?lol

  5. OMg@Lovetripboat.lol.I didn’t notice that until you mentioned it.You little perv.lol
    Now I too can’t stop taking a little peek at the nether region…….

  6. @.@ you girls are cracking me up! ^o^

  7. OH~~~~haha~~~hahha~~~~

    Thanks for posting!!!! hahaha~~~~~

  8. LJJ is the chillest dude ever. He is perpetually happy. In every picture we have of the filming LJJ is usually always smiling and just relaxed. Even in the worst summer weather imaginable he’s just happy. He makes Rain look super uptight and stressed all the time. It’s getting more hilarious with each new set of pictures we get, because he is seeming to be more cool with each passing day. Has anyone else noticed?

    @trini aphrodite I am a pervert. I have never claimed to be anything else xD! <3<3<3

  9. MOST WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha~~~~~~~~~

    *****NOTICE!!!!!!! JUST FOR FUN!!!!!!!!!!**********


  10. HAHAHAHA!!!!! “and rocket” i’m literally LOL’ing right now ^o^

    these are cool kajima, thanks!!!!

  11. @roket &everbody
    AHAHAHAHAHAH i am craking here ‘
    i literally see rain and LJJ have hold hand together now it seeme like they not just become best firend but boot like these 2 man
    oh boy should i tap myself all over and bom out ahahahahah!!! i could see in LJJ very open to republic and he EXTRMLY happy poerson sent day 1. man rain look like he trying to keep the smile open but could pass by rain ekekek !!! talking about most wanted now that even more HUMNITY aaaaaaaaaaaaaa seriouly most wanted who they traget now!!! i even see BTTB they even post rain most wanted as well and the red unid i think u mean my a gril fan acount when he is waklking ahahahh i just hope that rain go off and strip on the street line ekekekek then he will have to file for restaighting order over medis and GOBAL ahahahh

  12. @rocket:

    Thanks for reminding me of “that”. Yes, isn’t it fab?

  13. And yes I love their cammaraderie. I noticed that too rocket. LJJ has been enjoying his shoot with Rain in this drama. I noticed him to be looking extremely happy in every pictures I see him with Rain notwithstanding the hot weather. From Japan to Beijing, he’s been looking alright. Way to go LJJ.

  14. LOL.. what a cute couple. the 1st pic could be an evidence for their height comparison 😀

    @kajima & rocket
    those pics cracking me up HAHAHA

  15. @kajima
    …really nice pics…

  16. Btw, if Rain ever reads this…no offense meant, Ji-hoon. We’re just having fun here…as you should. Why so serious?
    …hehehe…as long as there’s life, there’s hope…but you do look a little thin…slimmer than LJJ.

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