08.02.10 [TeamD] Summer Days Contest #2: Traveling Daniel

by jax625

Team D is hosting another great contest for Daniel Henney fans! This next one is called “Traveling Daniel”…it’s such a cute idea!

Here is the exceprt from his FB:

Summer Days Contest #2: Traveling Daniel
“Daniel’s fans are from all over the world so, we’re curious – what would you do if Daniel came to visit you in your hometown? What does a typical day look like for you? Where would you guys go? What would you eat? What type of cultural experiences would you share? Inspired by the movie ‘Amelie’, we want you to download, cut out, and take pictures with ‘traveling Daniel’. Treat ‘traveling Daniel’ as a guest in your home or location. Share and write us about your area, favorite activities, local attractions, hobbies, sites, interests (for example: What do you like best about where you live? Where do you work? Your friends? What type of local foods do you eat? etc.). ‘Traveling Daniel’ must be in the picture.You can submit up to 5 pictures with a detailed description of each picture. Only use the attached ‘traveling Daniel’ picture. Also, no photoshopping allowed in this contest. We really just want to see you in your natural environment and/or get a tour of your local scene.”

Head on over to Daniel Henney’s OFFICIAL Facebook for more details ^^

source: http://www.facebook.com/danielhenney


6 Comments to “08.02.10 [TeamD] Summer Days Contest #2: Traveling Daniel”

  1. This is like, preemptive dating strategy online, but more creative than just a video explaining the perfect beach side twilight walk.
    It looks like Daniel is trying to get an international booty call… hahaha xD!

  2. LOL @ lovetripbeat! The shower pic would be hella creepy…LMAO.

  3. ahahahah Daniel is differenly looking for booty call here he popbuly bord no grilfirend ekekek i would love to date Daniel 24/7 he hot sexy manly and mature as who speaking ENGLISH so good very handsome guy he and rain are my my man !!! i would mind trying this out let see i have any luck like facebood question ehehhe!!!
    well to me i would love to date Daneil very romantic place and wiew as long we both have in commen that all it matter unless he picky am not he is hust for frence that all.
    and i do love to get to know him in personal too if am lucky enought to be with Daneil summer.
    i have a question the thrid pict do i just print this out danel pict and cut his pict and paste your own pict their and other side wrote ask he request right btw… where did mail this to it no infor for this ???

  4. here kongsao ~> http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=13386&id=109627029082782&ref=mf

    I didn’t want to post all the info here so people would have to go to Daniel’s Official Facebook to get more details…I don’t wanna take anything away from Team D ^o^ they are the best!!! So just follow the link above and there you can find more instructions and prize info.

    I hope that you enter kongsao, please let us know ^^

  5. @kongsao

    Enter! Someone from this site has to and I refuse to get a facebook, so do it! <3<3<3

    I hope this is a voting contest, because if so then @Kongsao would definitely win this.

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