08.02.10 [Pics] More ‘Fugitive’ Fan Art

by jax625

We love receiving fan art for Fugitive/Runaway, so everyone…please keep them coming, they will always have a home here at Fugitive625 ^-^

These latest fan art pics were sent in by Kong Sao, thanks so much for sharing!


5 Comments to “08.02.10 [Pics] More ‘Fugitive’ Fan Art”

  1. this good pics,it’s realy realy good pics..

  2. @kongsao!

    Nice pics!May i share my art work there?

  3. Kongsao…really nice pics…thanks for sharing & do this more often…

  4. Those look really great @Kongsao! I want to see more! <3<3<3

  5. @everbody
    u welcome guys!!!
    glad u all like my art work i hope i can share more coming soon yup i would like to give my best to FUGITIVE
    sure u can i we both can share the art togther good tem i would mind btw… i love your too very nice done my dare u did a wonderful job bravoooo !!!
    yes dare more comming soon i hope i can get my best on this thank u for your ecourage!!! HUG!!!
    hello dare how r u doing yup i well do this more offten as need and share to a family site here thank to jax who welcome us home … i getting alot better thank u for your advices and i ok now i gald to see everbody like this I AM SMILE NOW !!!! 🙂

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