08.01.10 [Pic] Rain on ‘Fugitive’ set in Beijing

by jax625

Credit: 尚宝儿love @ baidu rainbar


One Comment to “08.01.10 [Pic] Rain on ‘Fugitive’ set in Beijing”

  1. update from Chinese Fan

    Credit: Baidu Rainbar

    Chinese to English by: huhuhuhu@raincloudhk.com
    Live report will be updated …

    8.28 am.
    Started shooting at about 6 am. Saw Lee Na Young. She’s young and pretty.

    8.40 am.
    Our prince was talking to Lee Na Young. They would shoot a scene together soon.

    8.54 am
    Many clouds today were asked to be extras. We got up at 4 am, but being able to see our prince so closely was all worthwhile.

    8.58 am
    Our prince sneezed a bit today. Not sure if he still had a flu. Saw him rub his nose.

    Update 1

    10.36 am
    Now shooting in a cafe in a penthouse. We were all waiting.

    10.47 am
    Beijing was not very hot today. There was wind. Started shooting. My position was in front of his chair. I was 1.5 m away from him. He was preparing. Very serious. He saw a dog close by. He seemed to like the dog very much.

    When he finsihed shooting, he rushed to his chair like a glider. His mouth was like the one he showed at Rainy Day and Nikon. He looked at himself in the mirror too.

    He had a mosquito bite on his left ear. He has a mark in the back of his right ear.

    He said a line in Chinese: “I don’t know how to speak Chinese”. He practised it a couple of times.

    He said hello to two clouds. They almost fainted with happiness.

    11.47 am
    He was shooting a fighting scene.

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