08.01.10 [Pics] Rain shooting ‘Fugitive’ Scene in Beijing

by jax625

At the request of the photographer, these pics are not to be uploaded onto other sites, so please enjoy them from the original source:


credit: charlottelu


5 Comments to “08.01.10 [Pics] Rain shooting ‘Fugitive’ Scene in Beijing”

  1. I can’t wait!! thanks for sharing the pics, very funny ^__^

  2. ah and I found this article, I don’t what say but included some pics ^^

  3. he look so dective here and a man in blue suit so handsome yup the 4 pict rain got hurt he hurt!!! 😦 on his foot u can see it right their of his expression just like @huhuhululu tolds us on her ecounter poor rain took easy my love alo extremely dedicated to his work i so dore this guy even hurt time still countinue his project rain.

  4. Rain looking like a pro riding this tricycle. Was this the shoes he got hurt in? If this was it, it sure does not look like a comfortable pair of shoes.

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