08.01.10 [New] Behind the Scenes of ‘Fugitive’, Rain + Lee Jung Jin

by jax625


credit: DC Gallary


6 Comments to “08.01.10 [New] Behind the Scenes of ‘Fugitive’, Rain + Lee Jung Jin”

  1. Always love Rain in white…but he’s sweating. Must be really hot…take care of yourself, Ji-hoon.

  2. Goodness! Handsomeness overload again! thanks jax for always updating us!! mwah!

    Whatever color he wears and whatever clothes even rags, he looks good on them or rather the clothes looks good when he wears it…But I love seeing him in black and white the most…

  3. WOW~~~JAX!!! Thanks for posting great pics.

    YOU SO FAST!!! I LOVE YOU..kekekee.^ ^

    Lee Jung Jin Fighting!!!!

  4. ahhahahah them together again this it guy u r my yeboooooo and man seme like they very get along very good and Danel love his gray T_Shirt he wearing look so good on him i can see this is the part look like rain walking of himself upset or something in his mind!!!! and he see some intractive people he pass by and try to sovle the problem just like alot drama i been watch ohhh also it remind ALK when he trying to teach boyfirends of a leason the other but he confus it involt their playing ahahhahah !!!!
    and i thinking Daneil is tooking part of these Shooting could he be the main brother in here and thank to rain and have talk ahahah that what is telling me i so breath taking see these 2 hot man together my heart is puming again uuuhhhhhhhhhh Rain & Daneil help ekekekek
    btw… i heard is was so hot during their shooting too yup rain that could be the reson of the weather he seeme look tired and pale sometime but my man alway handsome and put his shine on that killer smile with.

  5. please, fugitive showing in indonesia at the same time and date showing in korea. i love rain bi. please please

  6. I’m so glad. I could see that Rain cut his hair. The back part is shorter. Love you, Ji-hoon. Take care of yourself.

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