08.01.10 [Daum] The explosion of interest in two hottest guys ‘Rain and Daniel Henney’

by jax625

The explosion of interest in two hottest guys ‘Rain and Daniel Henney’
A picture showing Rain and ‘Daniel Henney’ who have been getting set to team with each other in drama Runaway, has been released. In the picture, the two are talking to each other in comfortable clothes.

In particular, Rain showed his looks that are just like a fashionista, even if he is wearing his sleeveless tee shirt with his flip-flap on, which is catching netizens’ eyes.

Netizens saw the picture and flashed a “thumbs-up” by commenting, “Both guys have good figures.” “The meeting of the best handsome guys.”

credit to Sports Josun http://media.daum.net/entertain/ … 125&p=SpoChosun

Brief translation by rain bird.


3 Comments to “08.01.10 [Daum] The explosion of interest in two hottest guys ‘Rain and Daniel Henney’”

  1. look at my 2 HOTNESS SEXY @__@ 2 man together what more can i say they killing me rain & Daneil i can see rain sexy toe their he is so exzotic from top to bottom and their simply outfit mealting me here their converse are getting along well and Daneil can teach rain more english here and yes i agree theis well be a eye candy catching netizens perhape a traffic overload too H AHA HA !!! 🙂

  2. hahahahah! I really thought this was going to be an article about how netizens are questioning Rain and Daniel’s relationship like they did with the pic of LNY a few days ago.
    *is relieved*

    Unrelated- I’m watching NA for the, I believe, 265th time. Rain just cut a guy in half using his mad katana skillz.
    It was hawt.

  3. they both are sooo hawwwt but still prefer cutypie RAIN 😉

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